This months post from Mr. Eric Harshman

During this time of year we are pulled in multiple different directions with all that we need to accomplish on our sports fields, landscape beds and common areas. Not to add more to our every growing responsibilities, but I want to give everyone a quick reminder the proper steps that are needed if you were planting trees this time of year.
Arbor Day is recognized nationally, but observation days differ depending on the best time to plant trees from state to state. In Kentucky our Arbor Day is the first Friday in April.
1. Choose a location where the tree will be able to grow to maturity. Make sure that you are aware of the final size of the tree, as well as how much light, space, and water the tree will require.
2. Dig a hole that is two to three times the diameter of the root ball. DO NOT DIG THE HOLE ANY DEEPER THAN THE TREE WAS PLANTED AT THE NURSERY.
3. Remove all packing material from around the root ball
4. Place the tree in the hole. TAKE CARE TO NOT HOLD THE TREE BY ITS TRUNK
5. Spread the roots out in the hole
6. Place topsoil around the roots until the hole in half full. Water thoroughly. (This is done to avoid air pockets around the roots) DO NOT ADD AMENDMENTS SUCH AS PEAT MOSS OR POTTING SOIL TO THE HOLE.
7. Fill the rest of the hole with topsoil and water thoroughly.

In laboratory research, visual exposure to settings with trees has produced significant recovery from stress within five minutes, as indicated by changes in blood pressure and muscle tension.
Dr. Roger S. Ulrich, Texas A&M University



I hope everyone’s spring is going well—it looks like the weather is finally going to change for us so the grass is about to really crank up!

Our field day date has been set for July 14 in Lexington. The day will be very similar to last year with a trade show, tours, CEUs, lunch, afternoon workshops, t-shirts, etc.

Registration will be coming on our webpage in early May but please save the date as we’d love to see you all there!

Dr. Munshaw


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Membership Level


Your Commercial Members…

Spring is here! In the world of the sports turf manager, that means it is finally time to get out of the office, and get back to doing what we all love the most. It is time to start waking up your fields, and getting them ready for the upcoming seasons of 2016 and 2017.

While you are out there walking your fields, and making your list, I strongly encourage you to consider working with the commercial vendors of the KYSTMA. There are many reasons why you should support them.

THEY CARE: Just by being a member of the KYSTMA shows that your vendor not only cares about you, and your fields, but they also care enough to support an association that brings you everything the KYSTMA has to offer. Their membership shows that, when you deal with a commercial member, you are not only getting a sales representative, but a partner that has your best interest in mind. They care enough to spend their time, and money for your association.

KNOWLEDGE: By supporting a commercial vendor of the KYSTMA, you know you are getting a little bit more knowledge in your specialized area of turf management. You know this, because they are at your local, state, and national meetings, learning the “tricks of the trade” to help you along in your day to day challenges. They are there learning to not only be knowledgeable in turf, but to be knowledgeable in sports turf.

THEY SUPPORT YOU: Without the monetary support of the commercial vendors, the KYSTMA wouldn’t exist. Each touchdown and field goal member donates a lot of money to your association every year. Their donations are the only way you, as a sports turf manager, could ever receive the quality education you get every year at places like the UK Short Course, or the KYSTMA classes at the KTC. There is a lot of expense to put these classes on. Without the support of your KYSTMA commercial vendors, they could never happen.

In closing I’m going to ask you a favor. The next time you are in need of some products, or services, Please go to our website, look at the KYSTMA commercial vendors, and give them a chance. Show your appreciation, and support the people that support you. Without our commercial vendors KYSTMA couldn’t exist, and without support of the members of the KYSTMA, our Commercial Vendors couldn’t exist. Let’s all work together, and keep KYSTMA known as the group of outstanding Sports Turf Managers, and Vendors that it is.



Craig Mylor

KYSTMA Commercial Vice President





Update from KYSTMA board meeting


The Board of Directors met yesterday to discuss the upcoming 2016 year.  We wanted to take a few minutes and touch base with you on a few items discussed.


Everyone should be seeing membership renewals coming out soon, if you have not already seen them.  You can pay for those through PayPal on this website.

Blog Posts

We will be starting a revolving Blog posts this year.  Blog post will hit every two weeks to once a month.  Anyone wishing to write a blog post please contact Brad Nevitt at bnevitt@advancedturf.com.  The blogs are set to begin this week, with this being the first.  Look for our next post middle of the month.  We will keep you posted through Twitter as well.

2016 KYSTMA Natural Field of the Year

Anyone wishing to enter your natural non collegiate/non pro field for this years Field of the year or have any questions please contact The East Area Director Eric Harshman.  Up to four pictures can be submitted for the entry.  The winner will be announced at the KTC Conference in the fall.

2016 Area Directors


Mike Winkenhoffer, Mike Mason, and Chris Waldridge


Eric Harshman


Mickey Lovett


Tyler Lenz

A special thank you to these gentlemen for volunteering for these important roles within the KYSTMA.  Your area directors are here to answer any questions you may have in regards to sports turf management, the KYSTMA, or the industry.   Please reach out and introduce yourself to them, they are a great resource, and are here to help.

2016 Calender Snapshot.

February 24th and 25th

UK/KTC Short Course in Shepherdsville, KY.   Registration is available online at www.kyturfcouncil.com

October 19-21

Kentucky Turgrasses Council Conference and Trade Show will be held this year in Louisville in conjunction with the GIE.  More information will follow as we get closer to those dates.


Talks have begun for a end of June field day.  More details to follow

July 14

UK Research Field Day.  Reminders through this website as well as through Twitter will be posted once registration becomes available.

Thanks again to all who make this organization great, we are looking forward to a great 2016

Brad Nevitt

KYSTMA Website/Social Media coordinator






Working for you…

The KYSTMA executive committee and board of directors will be meeting this Thursday January 28th.  If anyone has any questions or thoughts that you would like to be addressed please email myself at bnevitt@advancedturf.com or any of the executive committee and we will be sure to bring those up at the meeting.  Looking forward to an exciting 2016.   Thanks and we will see you at the short course in February.  


Website 2015-2016

Dear KYSTMA membership,

I wanted to take a quick moment and touch base with you on our website.  I will be handling the website for the upcoming year and have been getting my feet wet this morning with a few updates and this article.  Please bare with me as this is truly a new venture for me.  the new offices elected at this years KTC has been updated, but nothing else as of today.

Also, the website has been getting several views, in fact in 2015 the site has had 8,902 views and those views come from 10 different countries.  With that many views and worldwide publicity we should be utilizing this site more and more.  If you have any suggestions or would like to see anything posted on the website please feel free to contact any of the KYSTMA officers or myself.  I can be reached at bnevitt@advancedturf.com.

Thanks again and I look forward to serving the KYSTMA again this year.

Brad Nevitt

Website Coordinator KYSTMA