A lot of hard work goes into what we accomplish throughout campus year round. I’m so appreciative of the talented group we have @BereaGrounds https://t.co/n0Kj0o6yWc

Great seeing you yesterday & showing you around @BereaColBase @BereaSoccer & Berea Softball. https://t.co/rNsvpjrvTq

Mow Better.
Leave grass clippings on your lawn, not in the street. https://t.co/SQCr5Nssj0

T-minus 3 weeks till the 5th Annual Southeastern Turfgrass Research Field Day! Dr. Mike Harrell will host leading turfgrass experts & companies from around the country @HarrellsLLC & Alan Mark w Jacklin Seed will be sponsoring lunch! #getsmart #research #turfvibes⛳️ #science🔬

Want to know more about #bluemuda? We are researching many aspects of this new system. Register today for the 2018 Kentucky Turfgrass Field Day to learn more about it and many other things: https://t.co/C3pQdef26j @bwinka @nevitt16

A lot of work has went into the planning of this event. @UKTurf & staff have a great lineup scheduled. Plenty of opportunities to speak with many of our local vendors, helping us keep our turf safe, playable & aesthetics pleasing year round!

Gregg Munshaw@UKTurf

Kentucky Turfgrass Field Day registration is up. We've got new trials, new equipment, new personnel, and even new food--come check it out! https://t.co/C3pQdef26j 3

Many thanks go out to those who have served and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our home turf!

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