Spring is here! In the world of the sports turf manager, that means it is finally time to get out of the office, and get back to doing what we all love the most. It is time to start waking up your fields, and getting them ready for the upcoming seasons of 2016 and 2017.

While you are out there walking your fields, and making your list, I strongly encourage you to consider working with the commercial vendors of the KYSTMA. There are many reasons why you should support them.

THEY CARE: Just by being a member of the KYSTMA shows that your vendor not only cares about you, and your fields, but they also care enough to support an association that brings you everything the KYSTMA has to offer. Their membership shows that, when you deal with a commercial member, you are not only getting a sales representative, but a partner that has your best interest in mind. They care enough to spend their time, and money for your association.

KNOWLEDGE: By supporting a commercial vendor of the KYSTMA, you know you are getting a little bit more knowledge in your specialized area of turf management. You know this, because they are at your local, state, and national meetings, learning the “tricks of the trade” to help you along in your day to day challenges. They are there learning to not only be knowledgeable in turf, but to be knowledgeable in sports turf.

THEY SUPPORT YOU: Without the monetary support of the commercial vendors, the KYSTMA wouldn’t exist. Each touchdown and field goal member donates a lot of money to your association every year. Their donations are the only way you, as a sports turf manager, could ever receive the quality education you get every year at places like the UK Short Course, or the KYSTMA classes at the KTC. There is a lot of expense to put these classes on. Without the support of your KYSTMA commercial vendors, they could never happen.

In closing I’m going to ask you a favor. The next time you are in need of some products, or services, Please go to our website, look at the KYSTMA commercial vendors, and give them a chance. Show your appreciation, and support the people that support you. Without our commercial vendors KYSTMA couldn’t exist, and without support of the members of the KYSTMA, our Commercial Vendors couldn’t exist. Let’s all work together, and keep KYSTMA known as the group of outstanding Sports Turf Managers, and Vendors that it is.



Craig Mylor

KYSTMA Commercial Vice President




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