A lot of individuals have helped in this process & couldn’t be more thankful @FieldExperts #whatsnext https://t.co/Q6eibT9qhN

3-4 year life cycle, with access to top of the line maintenance equipment and excellent sports turf knowledge. Good article for overzealous high school boosters and admins to read through when contemplating going away from natural grass. https://t.co/a6wzhCSOt8

Great article about @MegEVanArsdale switching from golf to sports turf in the latest @turfnet edition. Megan is doing a tremendous job with her fields, is an early adopter of #bluemuda, and is the biggest UK fan I think I've ever met!


Here’s a helpful tool that can be handcrafted to remove troublesome weeds & great around irrigation heads. https://t.co/ac9p31jyLt

Using an air knife to aerate around campus trees. Reduces compaction and allows us to remove girdling roots. Thanks to https://t.co/QR0fiiepW2 for showing us this awesome tool.

I agree! 62% of prospective students decide if they’re coming to a school based on...the appearance of landscaping and buildings! https://t.co/zaxphPyIOt

Advanced Turf Education Meeting underway in Louisville. Bridging all three facets of the turf industry today. @AdvancedTurf @FoliarPak @ATSSportsTurf @SteelGreenMfg


As an intern if you can accept making minimal income for a few years, take a job that will help you grow both as a person and as a professional. Grind it out for a few years and it will reward you in the future. Pick internships for the right reasons and the pay will follow.

Ever been interested in working on a professional baseball field? We're still looking for qualified individuals for our 2019 internship. Apply via email. https://t.co/rJmbv11WX5

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